Como muchas otras cosas que dábamos por supuestas antes de la pandemia, también tendremos que “resetear” la universidad como institución, así como las prácticas de enseñanza y los modos de aprendizaje.

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Social networks have given rise to a new type of public persona that their followers have made famous: the influencer.

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What is influence

Una explicación sencilla para entender un tema complejo y actual: la omnipresencia de los algoritmos en nuestra vida.

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Sharing visual content of ephemeral duration through mobile applications has become the new standard use of social networks among their youngest users.

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A brief review of the main points of impact of the Internet on the journalistic profession and media industries.

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Internet and changes in journalism

One of the most fascinating consequences of hyperconnectivity is that network users are taking more and more decisions based on data, although the process is hidden by such friendly interfaces that it ends up being completely natural.

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The popularization of blockchain will not depend on the users understanding its operation but on the existence of friendly and effective applications that solve real problems.

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La popularización de blockchain no dependerá de que los usuarios entiendan su funcionamiento, sino de que existan aplicaciones eficaces que resuelvan problemas reales y resulten amigables.

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Jose Luis Orihuela

Profesor universitario, conferenciante y escritor. Professor, Speaker and Writer. Cultura digital. Digital culture.

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