Basic Tips for Using LinkedIn Effectively

Complete the profile, add value with the content, build community and take care of visibility.

Jose Luis Orihuela
2 min readDec 10, 2021
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My colleagues and former students often ask me for guidance on using LinkedIn, so I share some basic tips here, in case they are useful to other users.


  • The profile must be complete in all its fields and up to date.
  • Use a good photograph and link to the relevant own sites (website, Twitter).
  • Always include an email address, preferably corporate.
  • To describe capabilities and interests, use keywords strategically based on how you want to be found.


  • Publish content on a regular basis, even if it only refers to professional matters.
  • Alternate content from your own activities with others that add value to your professional field (highlighting events, books, reports, job offers, etc.).
  • Recommend relevant content from third parties.
  • Take care of the spelling and syntax of all content.


  • Gradually join the relevant groups in your sector.
  • Interact with other users moderately (commenting on their posts or answering their questions or surveys).
  • Accept new links with criteria, after thoroughly reviewing the applicant’s profile.
  • Request links moderately and justifying the reason.


  • Customize the URL of your profile.
  • Give visibility to the link of your profile in other networks, website and email signature.
  • Occasionally, share your own featured article on other networks.
  • Check your notifications and messages regularly.

For other developments, see the chapter “Empleo” in the book Culturas digitales (Ediciones Eunate, Pamplona, ​​2021).

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